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OLAP Solutions:  Building Multidimensional Information Systems  1st edition

1997 John Wiley and sons

Note:  the 1st edition contains many case studies and software that were left out of the 2nd edition notably in sustainable development

Microsoft OLAP Solutions

with Dick Chase, George Spofford

1999 John Wiley and Sons

OLAP Solutions:  Building Multidimensional Information systems  2nd edition

2003 John Wiley and Sons


 Academic Publications

Sampling of industry publications
From Database Programming and Design or Intelligent Enterprise  between 1994 and 2003

  •  Ensuring future profits -through CSR reporting,
  • Assigning value to information,
  • Understanding different types of analytical models: transformation, path, zone and value state
  • How to build a customer value state model
  • Integrating data and knowledge
  • Architectural requirements for information portals
  • The challenge of using multiple dimensions of the same type within a single data set
  • Integrating OLAP, data mining and visualization
  • Understanding the types and sources of uncertainty and how to work with them
  • A functional approach to decision support
  • Auditing dimensional formulas
  • Smart decision support systems
  • Using data mining, OLAP and visualization to classify otherwise anonymous purchasing behaviour
  • The principles of data visualization
  • How to think clearly in N-dimensions

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